What do we really want?

This is a powerful vision of the future that Ananda Reeves put into writing. Looking back from a time shortly after Steve Saylor wins the 2020 USA Election. In the story he has put into place some immediate strategies and is preparing to implement others.

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End of December 2020 - USA has a New President

The election poles in the USA just closed after a nerve wracking political race, and the world is in utter SHOCK! The new President appeared in the race as a surprise to everyone, and somehow... he won! The people of the United States never believed it was possible to have a winning candidate from the “Money Free Party USA” ticket. But here he is! Just in time, right before we've nearly destroyed ourselves with this outdated and obsolete socioeconomic system. Mr. Steve Saylor, ladies and gentlemen, our new President.

A Money Free Country? Really?

Have we ever seen anything like this? A President who doesn’t believe in money? What? How is this even possible? People can’t wrap their heads around it. Huge questions are swimming around in everyone’s minds, and the answers are yet to be determined. Nonetheless, here we go for a ride of a lifetime as a nation that can now collaborate WITH each other instead of compete AGAINST each other. So what does it mean, really? A money free country?

Making The Transition

Long before Steve Saylor won the Presidential election, he had spent years studying the work of many scientists and futurists to determine how best to make this transition. He doesn’t stand alone, and furthermore, he does not depend on old broken political systems for solutions. He came to the seat of the Presidency with hundreds of teams of volunteers ready to create new systems that benefit everyone. Politics as we’ve known it will never look the same again. President Saylor and his “resource management teams” were determined to show the people how we could build a new, sustainable economic system without the need for money, a new system that would work for all of us. Naturally, everyone was curious and cautious -- not to mention a little anxious -- to find out exactly what would happen next.

The President Moves Aside

The first thing President Saylor said he would do is get out of the way! He had made it clear that he never wanted to be a President or a leader (everyone would be their own leader now), and this new system we were creating together would not need a President. There would be no hierarchy in this future. Every community would be in charge of themselves. Personal sovereignty along with communal sovereignty. It was a sociocratic system of governance where all decisions are made from a diverse network of people and everyone has a voice.

Local Governance Only

In the interest of keeping decisions local, Mr. President kept all the State and City employees, but things changed drastically. They too had to re-purpose their job to fit in their communities and be a part of new systems.

White House Is A Free AirBnB

Steve Saylor never did strive for the seat of Presidency in the White House and, in fact, refused to move there once elected. Instead, he turned the White House into a luxurious accommodation and a free AirBnB. He opened offices for committee members to have comfortable extended stays while working on restructuring new systems.

Money No Longer Controls Us

In interviewing the new President, he speaks intelligently about his first priority: To dissolve the broken monetary system controlled by big bankers and corporations who have dominated and manipulated our economy for centuries. According to the President and his supporters, money is not real. It is printed at will, managed by The Federal Reserve (a private lending institution) and controlled by a few power mongers at the cost of a life of dignity for the people of America. Mr. President says money can no longer control us. We the people are free to live in a money free society.

Banks Become Local Learning Centers

He closed all banks and financial institutions and dismissed all debt. Local, National, and Personal. He reserved every bank building to be a learning center in each neighborhood. What would people do if they no longer had bills and debt? He encouraged everyone in the finance industry to go home and get prepared to change careers in some supportive way that would be in service to their community instead of pushing fake numbers around and working 40 hours a week.

Ten Hour Work Week For Everyone -- Do What You Love

Mr. President believes everyone will be happy to volunteer 10 hours a week for their community, and then spend their free time discovering what they really aspire to do in life, discover what makes them happy. They're guaranteed to have all the resources available to follow that inspiration. Mr President helped create support-teams made up of professional Life Coaches, career change advocates, counselors, and educators, then set them free to create and develop a true resource based economy using solid scientific methods to test and measure systems that would benefit all of the people in the United States. Can people even imagine what it would be like to suddenly be free to seek out what makes them happy?

Politicians Can Go Home

Then Mr. President dismissed all the politicians in Washington to go home to their families and find a way to be in service to their local communities. He declares we no longer need leaders in Washington (thousands of miles away from their hometowns) who rule and make decisions for everyone. The local people can organize themselves much more efficiently.

Free Education For Everyone

He declared all education to be FREE to everyone, opening all the universities and schools in the nation for higher education, vocational and experimental training. Everyone in the finance, legal, insurance, and advertising industries will be changing careers to fit the new paradigm.

Automation Does The Work

Then he allocated resources to technology, research, and development for the purpose of automating repetitive and dangerous jobs. This act will set the people free to pursue their interests while working to organize new systems. Also people will now have much more time to invest in healthy relationships, family, and community, along with plenty of leisure time to enjoy life in a stress-free society.

Building New Smart-Cities

Mr. President allocated endless resources for building new smart cities based on the designs of the late Jacque Fresco -- Futurist, Structural Engineer, and Human Social Designer. Design committees will bring The Venus Project to the center of development. In creating new cities, old cities will be demolished and will be used for resources to build the new ones. Based on designs already tested, this transition could happen quickly with much of the technology already in place.

Re-Purpose The Military And Police

The President did what no President has ever done in the history of America: He re-purposed the military which was no longer needed to fight or defend, but to build and rebuild our nation's infrastructure. Everything that needed a massive amount of manpower to build or rebuild was designated to military personnel. Police (like the military) are going to be re-trained to help rebuild their communities. Lawyers will become obsolete since no one is fighting over possessions or money.

Medical Industry And Natural Medicines

Large sums of resources will be given to the medical industry to research and investigate alternative natural medicines, and move away from big Pharma. Healing arts are encouraged to flourish, as well as nutritional eating options, and healthcare is available to everyone.

Food Industry – Organic and Local

Healthy organic food becomes the focus, with support for permaculture, aquaponics, hydroponics, and vertical farms. Hemp is grown everywhere to produce thousands of essential products. Trucking industries will diminish when food is grown locally in massive greenhouses, along with smaller greenhouses next to every home.

Clean Energy For Our Future

Our new President is aware of many clean energy sources mentioned by Jacque Fresco in his book, “The Best that Money Can’t Buy”. Fusion energy is the energy that drives the cosmos and the stars. The amount of fissionable Uranium and Thorium in the oceans can support our present level of power production for millions of years. Other sources include Cryogenics, Photovoltaic systems, untapped radiant heat energy. Hydro-Electric and Wind Power, Geothermal energy, harnessing the gulf stream energy, to name a few. The clean energy industries will thrive when they can freely investigate these alternatives without being hindered by BIG OIL.

Non-Profits Thrive

Every single Non-Profit organization that existed for the betterment of the country or world will be given as many resources and manpower as they need to work on the restoration of our ecosystems, along with public and planetary health.

Inventions Without Patents

Inventions and state of the art technology will no longer need to be patented. All ideas from every source will be supported by this new system. If an inventor or scientist needs a laboratory, a library, a computer, or any resource to conduct studies that help improve our lives, it will be made available. Imagine all the solutions we'll find when private corporations and “intellectual property” no longer stand in the way of progress.

Sustainable Living

Our new President takes steps in supplying sustainable housing, organic food and basic needs to everyone in return for contributing just 10 hours a week. Think about how much we could get done in a country where the entire population volunteers 10 hours a week toward a healthy, functioning society. And we will no longer need the entire financial industry where people are just pushing money and numbers around, but not producing anything real or tangible. There will be no banks in the future, no financial institutions, no insurance, no lawyers.

Help Those In Need

If someone were unable to contribute work hours because of an addiction or physical problems, these people would get all the help they need to become functional and useful in the new systems. Everyone can contribute a little bit of something. Remember, this is a new system where we're allowed to collaborate with each other instead of being forced to compete against each other.

Recycle Everything

We can empty out the storage units and thrift stores, and make everything available to everyone. You can borrow from the supply houses and return things when no longer needed. If anything gets damaged, there will be plenty of people looking to fulfill their 10 hours a week who can repair them. No need to hoard or live with too much stuff you just don't need.

Crime Begins To Disappear

The time comes to dismantle our Prison Industrial Complex. Once people have their basic needs met, there's no reason to take from others, no need to steal the things to which you now have access. A few crimes of passion still occur, but these dwindle when the old values of ownership – including a spouse or lover being someone's “property” – are relegated to the past.

Functional And Free Transportation

A huge amount of research and technology is undertaken by the transportation industry to figure out how to best move people around cities and countries for free. Self-driving cars become the norm, but people can still drive their own vehicles if they desire. High speed trains make travel fast and comfortable.

No More Planned Obsolescence

The old market-system strategy of making products cheaply in order to facilitate repeat purchases is laid to rest. This was truly a pinnacle of unsustainability and stupidity. We now make things to last, and we recycle everything and reduce our landfills. And we continue to automate more of the necessary work with robotics so that fewer people will be working in factories.

Children’s Education

Childcare and education will look entirely different in a money free society. Schools will not be run by the government or corporations. Classrooms will be experiential and interactive rather than training our children to sit at a school desk which in time becomes a cubical while working for a corporation. Resources will be allocated to education to design learning environments that enrich the young. Even children can contribute 10 hours a week to their community as they learn how solve real-world problems.

Elders Are Respected

Elders will be respectfully brought back into the community, no longer warehoused and forgotten. They will have the opportunity to once again feel valued and useful. Many of them will still be able to contribute to society in some way, and they can regain a sense of worth by having something useful to do everyday.

Resistance Is Futile

There have always been naysayers, people who may be resistant at first as these new systems come into play. But our President is confident that once people start seeing the benefits of collaborating instead of fighting, making everything free, eliminating debt, and letting people have access to everything they need, the naysayers will come around. This peaceful, collaborative new world will be hard to resist.

We The People Are Free

I’m sure everyone's imagination can go wild with ideas about what to do with their time when money no longer rules our lives, when we move into a world beyond artificial scarcity, war, and poverty. The President has kept his word and moved aside, and now everyone has the opportunity to take their fate into their own hands and become their own leader. Progress and innovation move forward by leaps and bounds, and it appears there are no limits to what we can achieve.