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ID Change Maker Active Inactive
TVPThe Venus Project21
AMPAmazing Polly1
CPLCommon Planet125
FWCFree World Charter11
MFPMoney Free Party1
PPRPurple Paradise Resort1
RBEResource Based Economy1
SRBSocial Rebirth1
TZMThe Zeitgeist Movement1
UBIUniversal Basic Income1
UBSUniversal Basic Services1
ACCAfrican Change Champion1
AEDAuthentic Education1
AFDAmerica's Front Line Doctors1
ALRAll Real1
ANOAnonymous (Q)1
ASTAustin Steinbart
BFIBuckminster Fuller Institute1
BRNBridge North
BUGBecome Ungovernable
BWSBig World Small Sasha
CBSCube Spawn
CEBConscious Evolution Boston1
CGTCollaborative Governance Techlology
CHDChildren's Health Defense
CICCitizens In Charge
COMCompass (Build Back Better)
COVCovid-19 Rationality
CPPCosmic Pirate Party
DEFDemocracy Earth Foundation
ECOEvolution Coop
ECSEarth Custodians
EDOEarth Dollar
FSCFLEK Swiss Consulting
GENGlobal Ecovillage Network
GFLGalactic Federation of Light
GRGGreen Geeks (web hosting)
GSTGeneral Strike 2020
HOHHectare of Hope
ICRInternational Currency Reform Association
ILPInternational Logic Party
ITNInternational Tribunal for Natural Justice
KHAKhan Academy
LDRLondon Real
MENMother Earth Nation
NCPNon Compete
NEPNew Earth Project
NMUNu Mundo
NUMNumero Set1
NWGNew World Government
OMCOld Man in a Chair
ONCOne Community
ORVOriental Review
PCOProject Controls Online
PDEProfessor Dave Explains1
PDWProject Dream World
PHCProject Health Control
PJZPeter Joseph (Zeitgeist)
PRSProject Sanity
PSHPUSH (for a better tomorrow)
RGTResearch Gate
RVZRevolution Z
SAESacred Economics
STRStanding Rock2
SYNSynergy Nation
TJMThe Juice Media
TRAThe Transition
TRUTruth 11
TSPThe Star Party
TSRTwo Steps to an RBE1
TUVTransition University CF34
UCEUnited Citizens of Earth
UNEUnited Earth1
URSUnited Restart
UTCUtopia Corncopia
WAGWe Agree Life
WGSWorld Government Summit
WSMWorld Summit Movement2
WTWWe The World

The Pulse is aligning with: Transform The System (TTS) to use their full featured, comprehensive directory of change-makers.

The list above will soon evolve into a selection from the TTS directory, of those change-makers who are most active. There must be thousands of change-maker organisations worlwide with many more to come, as the change movement grows. Let's consolidate them here at the Pulse.