What is the Pulse?

The Pulse is a tool for 'Dynamic Counting of Support', and it's a massive register of people around the planet who are aware that something needs to be done to leave the late-stage capitalist economy behind and move into a New Social System that works!

The RBE in 'rbepulse' stands for Resource Based Economy. This label is historical in that the Pulse was first intended to answer the question 'how many people in the world are even aware of the Jacque Fresco RBE concept'.

The pulse has long since transformed from an 'RBE' counter, to a counter for people who recognise, especially in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis, that the time is long overdue for us to be putting people before profit.

What am I signing up to?

To make the change we need a Critical Mass of people who think this way. This tool is a way to be counted as part of that number which, as it grows will form a solid reference to strengthen the message of each individual organization that is trying to bring the needed change into reality. You are signing up to be part of that number.

Why should Changemakers get involved?

We can see a myriad of groups and ideas out there addressing the ongoing disintegration of the current socioeconomic system. It is high time for all of these groups to consider changing how they go about building their own critical mass of support. Organizations that reach their own threshold for critical mass are the most likely to survive.

Organizations that don't get involved are simply wasting the time and resources of their supporters, and the numbers in the Pulse will reflect that. Dynamic Support/confidence indicator must be considered. Videos are forms of Dynamic Support that invite engagement from supporters, and endorsement of what a change maker is doing. The Pulse is both a support counter and a builder of support through world wide exposure.

How is this site linked to Steve Saylor?

Steve Saylor is running in the 2020 USA Elections. This site is as interesting to Steve as it should be to everyone, but he has a dedicated tab for 'pulse taking' on his election chances!

The Councils part of the Pulse comes directly from Steve's assertion that if elected he will step aside and let the 'Systems' make the decisions. For information on the Councils and to take part in a discussion form, visit www.saylorforpresident2020.com. Also for a link where you can get Ananda's book "How The People Elected Systems For President"..

Is there room for any other Change Makers in the list?

Yes, certainly. More will be added as we become aware of them. And in general this page will get 'better looking', but not much! It 'works' as a 'counting' tool and that's it.

If you have an organisation to add, please email me david.winter@rbepulse.com with the link address and we will add it to the list.

About being active - how often do we have to visit the site?

The current ruling is that accounts that have 30 days of inactivity will be deleted, but with a 5 day alert by email. This keeps the site real! This is 'dynamic' data! We want to count ALL people who are interested in the emergence of the New Social System, the 'solution' to capitalism. The numbers will change each month. So it's important that you use the site regularly so you can be counted in the number that's our measure of Critical Mass, of around 5% to 10% of world population.